Devon and Cornwall – 5 Days


Immerse yourself in the Devon and Cornwall tour’s enchanting landscapes and hidden gems. Explore England’s rich history and spiritual traditions, along with the fascinating legends of King Arthur that make this land steeped in folklore.
The fossils found on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall seem like King Arthur’s slain dragons. The massive stones of Stonehenge are thought to have been moved by giants. And the misty and rugged terrain of Dartmoor hides its own secrets.
This tour is designed to awaken your senses and take you through all the mystical landscapes and charming alcoves of Devon and Cornwall. You’ll visit Norman Cathedrals, Roman towns, picturesque harbour villages, stunning beaches, ruined castles, and much more. But be careful; spending time on the Devon and Cornwall tour may make you believe in some of the mythical tales yourself.
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